Callie Exas has always been passionate about health and wellness. Because of this, after spending five years with a career in advertising- one which she did not find fulfilling- Callie decided to go back to school to complete a Master’s degree in Public Health Nutrition. During her time at NYU, specializing in Community Nutrition and working as a nutritionist at the Department of Health, Callie felt a sense of fulfillment being able to connect with people on an individual level. “I found out that I really enjoyed working with clients one on one to help them manage their health and improve their well-being.” So, after this discovery and completing her first degree, Callie went on to gain even more health knowledge by earning a Masters of Science in Clinical Nutrition from Brooklyn College. If two Master’s degrees weren’t impressive enough, she’s also a certified personal trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine.


Ten years later, Callie is known as the non-diet Dietitian, and promotes balance, rather than restriction. The goal is to add nutrition and improve self-care practices in order to build up clients’ foundations of health. In other words, she will never tell anyone not to eat pizza! Being able to help people improve their ability to thrive and take a more empowered approach to their health through food is what excites Callie most about her profession.


Choosing to work with Callie, one would undergo individualized nutrition counseling aiming to address the multi-layered facets of wellness related to diet and lifestyle. Because of the many nuances related to nutrition and health, Callie offers counseling packages for two to six months. Sessions vary among clients, depending on their personal health history and needs, but every package begins with an initial deep dive and bi-weekly follow up sessions which can be conducted in person or online. “We'll take a holistic look at the biological, physiological, and psychological components of your nutrition and self-care practices in order to help you build a better mind-body connection.” Every program can be specifically tailored to her clients’ needs, with some form of fitness training always involved. “I believe in the healing benefits of moving your body in a way that builds strength, resilience, and hormonal balance.” 


When it comes to self-care, Callie believes in active maintenance. “I try to match my self-care to my energy levels and needs so that means my self-care practices change depending on what I'm feeling and what I think I need on any given day.” To handle stress, she usually engages in activities that she finds relaxing, like taking an Epsom salt bath or using CBD oil. Keeping herself physically active is something that Callie loves to do for herself through boxing, taking walks with her dog, swimming, or hiking. Callie also travels as a form of self-care, experiencing new cultures, new foods, and new perspectives. Callie nourishes herself with healthy food but always makes sure she gives herself permission to eat what she likes. “Some days that’s pizza and wine, others it’s veggies and quinoa. It really all just depends on what I am feeling.” As a health advocate herself, Callie makes sure therapies are part of her routine. She is a big fan of cognitive behavioral therapy, talk therapy, and acupuncture.  “I think self-care is grounded in the ability to attune to one's body in order to give it what it needs and for me, that means behaving and eating in a way that's both balanced and joyous.” 

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