Jessica Brodkin is an energy healer of various modalities, namely Reiki and Shamanism. If that wasn’t intriguing enough-- Jessica is also a stand-up comic of 9 years and an ex-CIA analyst. 

Jessica discovered her various talents early on. At 19, she was doing theatre and improv at MIT. Academic pressure at a prestigious university can result in a highly stressful environment, and so she found ways to cope and to help others. With the second highest suicide rate in the country, the students at MIT were no stranger to stress. Jessica signed up to be a medical link to help her classmates access mental health resources. “I also found that if I made people laugh, I made people happy.” She discovered that jokes could diffuse tension, and uses humor where appropriate in her current healing practice.

Graduation from MIT led to an analyst role at the Central Intelligence Agency. There isn’t much that can be published about those 11 years, but Jessica doesn’t regret leaving. “I think it was part of my journey. I went through so much hell in my life. I’ve been divorced twice, I’ve had PTSD, I’ve had depression, I’ve been suicidal, I’ve been broke. I’ve been through a lot of garbage in my life and if I had not been through all that, there is NO WAY that I would have the depth of personality to be a healer. Maybe I’m wrong, but I feel like I had to go through hell in order to even begin to understand, as a human being, how to respond, how to react, and how to hold space.” 

Jessica believes that part of doing this kind of spiritual work, in any modality, is being non-judgemental and non-attached. In her practice, Jessica must sit and hold a space for people’s darkest moments. Practitioners serve as a container for clients’ shame, pain, and guilt, without any of their own emotional baggage getting in the way.

While the propensity to help others was always there, the path to becoming a practitioner truly began with her own experiences with Reiki for Jessica’s migraines. Jessica had two nervous breakdowns, once at 26 and again at 31. The second time, she was diagnosed with PTSD. “I was working part-time and stopped performing. Through doing therapy, acupuncture, and Reiki, I was able to get myself out of this very depressed and very difficult state with my pseudo-seizures.” 

Today, amazing things happen for Jessica’s clients. One became a famous writer. She came to Jessica after having five miscarriages and the Reiki that they did together really helped her release her grief. She has a one and a half year old now and writes about the experience publicly. Jessica feels like she is doing her soul’s work. “I feel really fulfilled. I feel like I make people’s lives better. I am grateful that I have a skill that people like and that is unusual. I really get to be this safe space. People fall apart on my table and I can help them transform their pain.” That is what’s rewarding to Jessica about her work. In her life, so far, Jessica has already done so much that others would consider great accomplishments. Yet, Jessica is not done. There is a fire in her and she is always pushing. She continues to create and transform, to work and to change. 


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