Laura Kauffman is a licensed acupuncturist, registered yoga teacher, and whole foods nutrition coach. She has both founded the LK5 Seasonal Cleanse program and co-founded a beauty brand called She. Laura’s wellness company, LK Mind Body Wellness, has been in business for almost two decades. When she established the company back in 2000, she strictly practiced Chinese medicine. But remaining curious about how to keep her practice meaningful and current, Laura began integrating nutrition, Yin and Yang Yoga therapeutics, mindfulness meditation, breath medicine, and natural skin care remedies into her practice, to build a multi-faceted brand dedicated to longevity and optimizing each person's unique concerns.


As an integrative health practitioner, Laura aligns her approach to healing with five guiding pillars: acupuncture, mindfulness, breath awareness, food and plant medicine, and lifestyle shifts. She likes to work on her clients’ healing from the inside out. Laura believes in uncovering the root cause of symptoms in a methodical way which can take time, but will ultimately bring you to health more efficiently. “Slow is the new fast, in my eyes. We have to step back and take notice in order to move forward more successfully.”


A session with Laura typically lasts for 45 minutes to 1 ½ hours. Laura spends the first 20 minutes listening to her clients and getting their take on what is going on, what has improved, and what has maybe not improved. This part is key to deciding what approach will work best on a particular visit. “I believe taking the time-out to listen to someone, whether it is related to an ailment or not, allows their energy to settle in a way that promotes a quicker path to resolution.”


Laura began her practice as a Nutritionist in the Peace Corps. There, she exercised her resourcefulness by growing her own crops when food was scarce. Thirty years later the lessons she learned still guide her up to this day. Laura believes there is a great deal of healing that can come from the kitchen. “My goal as an integrative healer is to help you to understand how your diet and your kitchen setup can help you in times of ill-health, and better yet, become your path to longevity and prevention.” 


Returning to the country after working in the Peace Corps, Laura found her way to Chinese medicine, completing her Master’s Degree from Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in New York City. As an acupuncturist, she follows the four pillars of Chinese medicine: acupuncture and bodywork, herbal medicine, diet, and exercise; and blends them in uniques combinations to suit the specific needs of her clients. “I have always taken the approach that integrating the best parts of each modality I practice might be the right method for my clients.” Sometimes, a more physical approach, like acupuncture works best; other times, using mindfulness and breath awareness techniques or food and plant-based medicine does the job.


There is a Chinese proverb Laura finds to be very meaningful that says, "One disease, many treatments. One treatment, for many diseases." This saying speaks to how Laura connects with her clients. Chinese medicine has taught her to blend skills and create a balanced experience for each of her clients. Generally, Laura likes to keep things simple, less is more. Other times, she integrates multiple tools, creating an original hybrid for more complex health issues. “There is not one path to health, there are many. My job allows me to find the right trajectory for each client.”

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