Ben Brown is a NY state-licensed massage therapist and graduate of the Swedish Institute College of Health Sciences. His massage sessions center around conscious touch. “I help people find themselves through their bodies." Conscious touch is the practice of being fully aware and present when working with the body to uncover the best action needed at the moment. In a standard session, he could use traditional Swedish techniques to Shiatsu to holding and positional release patterns. It's about listening to the body on the table and following their lead on their path to wellness.


With over 14 years of expertise, Ben has a deep understanding of massage therapy from both a therapeutic and a luxury experience perspective. He is also a former Bliss Spa, LLC trainer and a GYROTONIC instructor. Through thousands of sessions, he has learned that touch is a language and that we are in conversation with ourself and others. "There are times when you whisper, times when you speak loudly and times when you say nothing and just listen."


His work has been described as complete because he has a 360-degree approach to the body. Ben utilizes timing, rhythm, tempo, and energy to enhance the movement and access the body. "Although massage is physical in the application, there is an energetic component to work. Muscles hold memories of experiences. When you connect with your body, you are more aware of what's happening in your life and can be proactive in self-care." He believes movement is a key component to understanding how the body is or is not functioning to its full potential.


Even if a client feels tension when they come in, Ben opens them up to a new awareness that their body has room to move so they can let go. “A lot of the time we hold onto negative patterns because that’s what feels most comfortable or normal, but it's only because the body hasn't been shown another way and given space to move into it.” Eventually, through the technique Ben developed, clients’ bodies start to ‘receive the information’.


Ben makes sure to take good care of himself as well with a daily meditation discipline and likes to be in nature.

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