Flow & Show* by LMT Ben Brown encourages you to be present and creative in your bodywork.

The result is a connection to the deeper parts of the work and a fuller body integration by the client. This is a hands-on workshop.
If you're a new therapist, this event will increase your knowledge and confidence as you explore alternate ways to work.
As a seasoned therapist, you will refresh your work, rethink how you approach the body and discover new patterns within your work.

You will learn to:

Discover new patterns in your performance.

Refresh your work.

Encourage more creativity in each session.

Engage the body from different angles.

Develop more confidence to explore the body further. 

You’ll also have an opportunity to witness your own power and grace through photo documentation.
You're also able to use this event as social proof of your talents and commitment.
Participants will both give and receive bodywork throughout the workshop and will also spend some time taking pictures.
Massage therapy is an artisanal craft. Ben's goal is to encourage others to present their full talents in the work. 

Attendees will need the following:
2 Sheets
1 Face cradle cover
Loose comfortable clothing (Attire that you will feel good to be photographed in.)
Smartphone or camera (helpful, not necessary.)