Love is the highest vibing frequency that we are able to radiate. And the higher we are vibing, the more we are able to attract and manifest the things in our lives in which we desire - including loving and fulfilling relationships, partnerships, and experiences.

This deep and powerful energy love all starts from within. And our ability to raise ourselves to this frequency of love, allows us to expand and connect more authentically with others too. Are you ready to fall madly in love with yourself over and over again this year?

In this workshop, we will be dropping deep into our hearts, raising our frequency to the frequency of love, and expanding the love all around.

During these 2 hours together, we will share in the medicine of cacao- the sacred medicine of the heart. We will also experience a guided meditation to let the infinite light run through us and radiate outwards. During this meditation, reiki master Kelly Keefe will be sharing hands-on reiki helping to release things that may be held on to that no longer serve. Tips, tools, and resources to elevate your frequency and maintain higher vibes will be provided during and available after the workshop as well.