On this new moon, we will work with the vibrations of sound to reach into that inner world of creativity, divine inspiration, and unconditional love. We will harness the energy of the New Moon to set intentions for the next lunar cycle and plant seeds of self-love, connection, creativity, and inspiration.

Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac and the place where spirit and matter intersect, it's symbol the fish is always flowing with the currents. It is the sign of the mystic, and the souls experience of spirit and the higher self. When we wade into these psychic waters we enter an ocean of dreams and visions, imagination, and unconditional love.

Working with the energy of a Pisces New Moon is a powerful time to tune into our own divine inspiration. We are all creative beings made of love, light, and infinite potential, when we allow ourselves to explore this aspect of ourselves we open to new ways of being and experiencing ourselves and the world.