4 Part Series: Wednesdays 10-11:30am

“This is not about being super-human. This is about realizing that being human is super.” Sadhguru

The Yoga for Health Series brings together those seeking tools to take their healing into their own hands: to understand some of the “whys” and “hows” of the body-mind connection through one of the most powerful and ancient systems of healing in the world.

In this 4-week series, we will use therapeutic yoga to dive deep into specific areas of health and wellbeing: stress, sexual health, emotions, and the mind. A short presentation on the selected health topic will be followed by a therapeutic yoga class to facilitate embodied understanding and healing for that area. We’ll bring awareness to the challenges, and evolve from there.

Therapeutic yoga consultant and workshop facilitator Alexa Owen has curated this series to delve deeply into the following wellness topics: stress, sexual health, emotional wellbeing, and healthy mind. Each 1.5-hour session starts with a 20-minute presentation on the week’s topic, followed by short Q+A and a 60-minute therapeutic yoga class. 

Wednesday, February 7th:
Healthy Stress What are the effects of stress on the body? How can we train the nervous system to stay calm under pressure, and live with greater ease amidst stress? This session includes insight into improving quality of life by training the stress response physiologically with yoga. Wednesday,

February 14th:
Sexual Health This week, we explore sexual health and specifically pelvic floor health through the yogic lens. Toning the pelvic floor offers both men and women greater awareness of the reproductive and urinary systems, improved hormonal balance, and higher quality of life. Wednesday,

February 21st:
Emotional Wellbeing How can we move the energy in the body to dislodge our “stuck” spots? What yogic techniques work best to relieve symptoms of and help prevent depression and anxiety? Inspired by personal and professional work with anxiety, depression, and challenging emotions, Alexa will focus this session on emotional balance and cultivating awareness around who we are in relation to what we feel. Wednesday,

February 28th:
Healthy Mind When the mind feels focused, clear, and stable, life tends to move along with greater ease. The yogis say that we do, to a certain degree, create our reality based on the state of our mind…so how can we shift the workings of the mind in order to experience a more joyful, peaceful reality? In this final week, we will learn basic but powerful techniques to ground the mind and clear out rumination, worry, and those other tendencies that don’t serve our highest good.

Entire Series -- $110
Stress Class -- $30
Sexual Health Class -- $30
Emotional Wellbeing -- $30
Healthy Mind -- $30 

We will learn. We will practice. And we will have fun!
Space is limited.