November Community Night

Wednesday, November 29 @ 8:15pm-10:00pm

Are you craving deeper connection with other healers? More entrepreneurial support? Feedback on ideas you are working on or in need of new ideas? Want to relate to others in a way that has you feeling seen and heard?

If so, then say Yes! to City Wellness Collective's members-only Healer Community Night.

Community Night is an intentional gathering for healers to create a supportive atmosphere where we bring our healer network together to support and empower one another. Healers are encouraged to join us for connection, discussion, growth and of course self-healing! 

Member Jessica Brodkin will lead our community night this month.
It will be a night of silliness, sacred geometry, and learning energy healing techniques that you can use on yourself and clients. We will learn various sacred geometric tools that we can use for our healing benefits. Sacred geometry is called "the math of God" and are geometric patterns that exist throughout nature and the universe. We will practice energy healing techiques on ourselves and each other. We will also have an opportunity to check in with each other and hold space for one another.
Be prepared for a dance party during and afterward.

Jessica is energy healing medium who channels energy with a background in Reiki & Crystal Healing. She has an unusual history in that she holds degrees from MIT & Johns Hopkins, worked for the CIA for 11 years, and performed stand up for 7 years with TV credits before becoming a full time healer.

 We're excited to bring all of us together...see you there!