The Witching Hour

Saturday, February 17 @ 6:30-9pm

The Witching Hour is for the tribe of women awakening to their intuitive powers with a calling to deepen their connection to Spirit. Born of the soul-stirring conversations and tarot readings around her mother’s dining room table, Spiritual Intuitive Holly Burling will host a monthly conversation on All Matters of Spirit. She will teach you how to: trust your intuition, call in spiritual guidance, read and recognize Divine signs and symbols, protect your energy, and keep the vibes high in all areas of your life.

Holly will create a safe and sacred space for awakening, intuitive women to come together and fully tap into their magic and power. By nature we are infinitely wise, sacred, intuitive, empathic, carriers of mystery, beacons of light, catalysts for transformation. We all hold this power, but sometimes we need our sisters to remind us, to help bring it out. Magic happens when we seek out strong women to align ourselves with, to learn from, to be inspired and enlightened by, to support and be supported by.

This is a powerful time for women—so many of us are feeling a stirring of our souls, a desire to connect with something greater than us, to Spirit. We are being called to rise into our highest power and to fully embody our Divinity. The world is relying on us to do this. It’s time to come together. Our coven is gathering. It’s time to answer that call.

We'll gather each month. We’ll adorn ourselves to arrive as the powerful, intuitive, beautiful women that we are. 

We'll create a true sisterhood.

We'll cherish each other’s company.

We'll help each other rise. 

Holly has spent years of study with some of the world’s leading spiritual teachers. She is known for her illuminating presence and has been called to serve awakening women as they rise to heal the planet. The Witching Hour will be a potent and magical opportunity for you to tap into the wisdom and power awaiting you. 

Come join your sister tribe. 



6:30-7pm – Light snacks & sparkling beverages (non-alcoholic)
7-9pm – Opening Ceremony | Sisters gather in circle

Dress to feel tuned in, lit up, and in your full magic & power. Come wearing your most sacred jewelry and adornments.