When Blanca Doyle was turning 50, she realized the need for a better way to take care of her skin. Observing the various skin care methods of the beauty industry, Blanca had tried it all, in terms of anti-wrinkle, anti-aging, and both invasive and non-invasive technologies. Blanca’s main goal was to find a more natural approach to skincare and to be happy, while feeling like her best self, in the aging process. So when she came across TriPollar technology- a type of radio frequency- and realized its potential, she took it and made it her own. “[I] developed some really interesting techniques to get great results and the basis of everything that I do is to keep it natural and effective.”


Blanca started out as a manufacturing representative of several non-invasive technologies. “I was in a really interesting place where I could not only be the rep for this new emerging technology; I would also get trained and certified to train other people.” This is necessary because the representatives are usually the ones who train doctors’ office staff on the new technology, should they choose to adopt it. For Blanca, it is also important to be well versed in the many medical studies behind the technology in order to gain a bird's eye view of all the technologies out there. Blanca is, therefore, able to thoroughly compare and determine the best technologies out there, one of which is TriPollar frequency. There are up to 12 different medical papers that cite the therapeutic values of TriPollar including rejuvenating cells, tightening skin, eliminating fat cells, thickening the top layer of skin, and reconnecting fiber tissues.


After 7,000 hours of working with hundreds of different clients, Blanca has now established her own skin-care practice called The Skindividuality Method, which utilizes the very same TriPollar frequency technology in a unique method of non-invasive skincare. Aside from working on the four layers of the skin, Blanca also works on the muscles to strengthen the fibers of deeper tissues, unlike other skincare therapies. “If you’re working at circumference reduction, say in the abdomen or for a natural facelift, this methodology helps you rejuvenate your skin to perform younger. It’s pure therapeutics and it feels like a warm massage. That’s why my clients love it and most people actually fall asleep during the sessions.” 


What Blanca loves about Skindividuality, is that the effects that clients experience are everlasting. “I now have over 5 years of working with some clients [whose] skin looks better today than it did when we initially finished their series.” She also loves the fact that with her methods, they are getting results quickly and in such a pleasurable and therapeutic manner; unlike other treatments that have to be somewhat painful to be effective.


The way Blanca takes care of herself is by taking care of others first. Being a mother of three grown sons, two of which have special needs, she finds a sense of purpose in taking care of them and attending to their needs. The journey is definitely not an easy one, but it has given her something valuable –a way of understanding other people's challenges. “Nurturing is very important but more importantly, it's to have the ability to be nurtured.”

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