Before realizing her calling to become a licensed therapist, Lori Singer finished her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree and had been working as a graphic designer in publishing for years. Being a nurturing and warm person who likes helping people, Lori realized she wanted to pursue a profession that would allow her to be more “hands-on” with people. “I wanted to do something that was more giving.” After a thorough consultation with a career counselor, she decided to take the plunge, attended an open house at the Swedish Institute, and officially signed herself up. Over a decade later, Lori practices massage therapy focusing on stress reduction and pain management. Among her specializations are prenatal and postnatal massage.

In her newly-paved career path, Lori began working as a licensed massage therapist before also becoming board-certified in reflexology. She, along with her classmates at Swedish Institute, was given a background of different modalities to help students feel out what they wanted to practice. For Lori, reflexology just felt right. “I resonated with reflexology right away, in every possible way you could think of.”

Reflexology works by applying pressure to specific points on your feet to encourage the balancing of bodily functions. “Generally, when somebody comes in and I’m giving them a massage, I’m adding in a little bit of reflexology. I do it because I feel like this way, I am working your outside in with the massage and your inside out with the reflexology.” One thing Lori is drawn to about reflexology is that there are no contraindications- meaning there are no medical conditions that would prevent the use of this modality due to the harm that it would cause the patient- so anybody can receive reflexology at any time. Which is helpful, because “the whole premise behind it is stress reduction and relaxation, it creates a deep sense of relaxation.” 

Lori recommends clients come in regularly for bodywork. “It’s recommended once a month for general wellness. It should be part of your health regime. You know, just like you should go to the gym a couple of times a week, eat healthy, and get a certain amount of hours of sleep.” Typically, Lori begins sessions with a little chat to help determine clients’ concerns and then proceeds with the therapy itself – a combination of massage and reflexology. “I'm a strong believer that the body has the ability to heal itself.” Helping each of her patients achieve optimal health is Lori’s ultimate goal. 

To take care of herself and maintain personal health, Lori does her best to practice what she preaches. “I have said in the past that one of my biggest issues when it comes to deciding what kind of therapy I’m going to get is deciding what I need because I know there are so many out there.” Among the many currently existing modalities, she finds that the lighter touch, energy-related modalities help her relax and decompress. “But that’s just me. The kind of touch people need is completely subjective.” Each modality works differently for everyone and each person has different needs. Lori finds it important to find out what kinds of treatments or therapies will best work for you. “I make sure I do something [for myself] every month. I couldn’t do this job if I didn’t.”


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